Phil Perrier

Phil Perrier

Nationally known comedian and writer Phil Perrier is unique among mammals. Movies, television, Phil has seen them all. Phil started his career in standup comedy, and tours the fruited plain, working clubs, cruise ships and corporate shows.

Despite a near fatal surfing accident in 2005, Phil fought back and and fell on good times in 2013, when he was hired as a staff writer for TheArsenioHall Show. Phil also performed standup on the show and acted in several sketches.

Before working for Arsenio, Phil was a freelancer to the stars, writing monologue jokes for Jay Leno, David Letterman, Craig Ferguson and George Lopez.

An accomplished radio personality, Phil was a regular on Hollywood’s AllComedyRadio for several years, performing numerous sketches and bits that he wrote and performed.

In addition to The Arsenio Hall Show, Phil has appeared on Spike TV, Discovery Health, the Gameshow Network and BET.

When not sleeping or eating Chinese food, Phil also finds time to write a blog for the LA Daily News and the Huffington Post.

If Phil’s act does not make you laugh, there may be something seriously wrong with you!